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On this page, we share news from EdgeTier products, our thoughts on customer service best practices, and we try to distil the world of customer service automation and AI to easily digestible and useful posts for our customers and readers.

Where and Why to apply AI in your contact centre

The world of Artificial Intelligence is broad and complex, and definitely difficult to penetrate for the uninitiated. The most commonly […]

Customer Sentiment Analysis for contact centres

Sentiment analysis allows the discovery of satisfaction or frustration amongst your customer messages and survey responses. In this post, we learn about how sentiment analysis works, and where best to apply sentiment analysis to your contact centre.

How Marketplace Contact Centres Are Scaling Chat & Email

"The EdgeTier deployment was completely painless. EdgeTier took the time to understand our business in depth.” Pete RowanExecutive Vice President, […]

What is Good Customer Service?

We all know that good customer service is important, but what does good customer service actually mean? In this post we break down the results of a comprehensive cross-industry study of digital customer service channels to understand what 'good customer service' actually means.

7 Ways AI can Supercharge Agent Performance

The Department of Foreign Affairs chooses EdgeTier to provide digital customer-care using EdgeTier’s next-generation live-chat technology.

Travel Contact Centres exceed SLAs with AI Monitoring Alerts

Travel Contact Centres Stay Alert With WatchTower AI   Background: the travel industry  The travel industry is a spinning plate […]

Why Contact Centres Must No Longer Gamble On Missing Customer Issues

Foreword Since launching to the market in early 2021, EdgeTier’s intelligent monitoring and alerting software has established itself as the […]

EdgeTier raises €6m in Series A round led by Smedvig Capital

This funding will enable us to meet the growing demand for our real-time AI analytics platform and continue to help […]
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