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EdgeTier's agent-assist technology intelligently automates the mundane parts of customer care, supercharging your team to deliver brilliantly efficient customer care.

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Arthur is your new customer service system

Humans are good at being human. Computers are good at being computers.

Arthur is a customer service system that combines the best of each to achieve  the best service at the highest efficiency.

Faster Agents

Arthur guides customer service agents through responding to queries. Agents are provided with suggested responses while being constantly fed context-sensitive and personalised data for each customer query.

Happier Customers

Agent responses guided by Arthur follow best practice and contain no grammatical or spelling errors. Agent training times are reduced, and customers consistently receive high-quality and accurate responses.

Better Data​

Arthur was built by "data-first" engineers, and provides a full suite of reporting tools with unparalleled data access for contact centre managers.

Advanced Agent Interface

The tools that your agents use to process customer queries should work with them, not against them. Arthur is designed to reduce window switching, copying and pasting, and information lookup.

Get the most from your agents; using Arthur, agents are focused on what humans are good at.

Agent-Assistant Technology

Arthur's agent-assist technology guides customer service agents through responding to queries. Arthur's approach not only ensures that handling times are extremely low, but also increases the quality of responses and the amount of personalisation possible.

Arthur uses AI where AI is best used, working under-the-hood so that customer care agents can focus on what's important. Arthur works hard to retrieve and filter all relevant data about the customer, prompt agents with suggestions, and ensure that all queries are routed to the right agent at the right time.

Effective AI and Automation

Arthur uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation at the most effective points in order to reduce handling times and improve the quality of responses.

Automatic responses are provided to customers for simple queries. When handling more complex queries, repetitive and mundane tasks are handled by Arthur, freeing up customer care agents and dramatically reducing handling times.

The Future of the Contact Centre

The Arthur system makes intelligent decisions across the contact centre operations.

Optimising query routing, queue management, user scheduling, and query prioritisation enhances the customer experience and eases the administration of large centres.

Efficiency is key

Reward your agents with software that works with them

Quick Deployment
Arthur has been built from the ground up for rapid integration with customer systems.
Multi-Lingual Operation

Operate across any number of languages and manage queuing, routing, and agent availability per language.

Native Translations

With translation capabilities built-in natively, Arthur can help you cover any customer language.

Administrator user of Arthur for customer contact center optimisation and artificial intelligence.
Incredible Reporting

Out-of-the-box, Arthur includes real-time and historical interaction reporting for administrators, with raw data access available for advanced analytics.

Proactive Notifications

Arthur monitors the entire contact centre and alerts you when issues arise with your team or your customer contact reasons

Multiple Channels

Use Arthur to turbo-charge your agent performance for chat, email, SMS, Facebook Messanger, and Whatsapp integrations.

Proven Results

Arthur is proven to halve agent handling times while increasing customer satisfaction scores.

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Awards and Recognition

CCMA Awards 2019 -
Best use of Technology

DatSci Awards 2018. Award for best use of data science in start up.

AI Ireland Awards 2018 - Best use of Artificial Intelligence in a Startup

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