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ARthur Agent Assist

Customer service is changing. Customer expectations are rising. Faster response times, better service, faster time to resolution are basic expectations bundled with inbound requests.

Arthur is EdgeTier's automated agent assistant.

Arthur works seamlessly with customer service agents to answer customer queries more efficiently and accurately, yet retaining a personal touch for every customer.

Arthur uses cutting edge analytics, machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence technology to generate personalised and accurate responses to every customer query.

Products & Services

Optimise Customer Contact

Go beyond static reports on customer contact reasons to understand not only what your customers are contacting about, but why they are contacting. Manage op-ex and increase customer satisfaction.

Agent-Assistant Technology

"Arthur", EdgeTier's intelligent assistant system, sits beside customer service agents, preempting customer responses and improving agent performance by a factor of 5, with faster, higher quality responses.

Analytics Services

Advanced analytics and machine learning are transforming how business decisions are made. EdgeTier take a unique approach to analytics and only work with clients where the technology and personnel fit is right.


EdgeTier deliver high-quality analytics products and services to our clients. EdgeTier combine domain knowledge with specialist technical skills to deliver high-impact statistical insights, predictive models and data-driven business advice. 

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About EdgeTier

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, EdgeTier is an analytics and data product company with speciality in customer contact and customer simulation technologies. EdgeTier products derive simplicity from complex data, allowing companies realise the commercial potential of their data and gain a deep understanding of their customers and competitors.

Extracting insights from your data is not an easy process. Talk to us about your requirements and find out whether EdgeTier is right for you.