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The EdgeTier System

Do you struggle with inefficient processes and expensive service costs? Could you do more with your existing resources?

EdgeTier is a multi-lingual, AI-first ticket handling system for email and chat communication.

EdgeTier implementations result in up to 50% reductions in average handling times, improved customer satisfaction scores, and a completely new level of data visibility.


Are you missing issues as they occur in the contact centre? Is customer satisfaction affected by slow reactions to changing events?

WatchTower will learn what "normal" looks like at your contact centre: what your customers speak about, who's in the queue, what agents are online. WatchTower will rapidly alert you when things aren't right.

React faster, and rest easier, when WatchTower monitors your centre.

Case Study


CarTrawler operate in a complex, fast-paced, multi-lingual marketplace environment, working between end-users and car-rental partners across the globe. 

Advisors liaise between customers and suppliers across many channels, often with complex processes to follow.

With EdgeTier, CarTrawler improved efficiency and data visibility over multiple contact centre sites, dozens of branded partner sites, 3 communication channels, and over 20 different languages. 

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Customer NPS Score Improvement
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Email Handling Time Reduction
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Chat Handling Time Reduction
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Additional Cross Sales
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product ... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler."
james waghorn head of customer operations cartrawler profile photo
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact, CarTrawler

WHY EdgeTier?

best practice responses in a timely fashion

Better Interactions​

The EdgeTier system results in better quality interactions, higher first time resolution, happier customers, and lower handling times by guiding customer service agents through responding to customer queries.

Rapid Deployments

Integration is simple. Get the first version up and running in your contact centre within 48 hours. Have advanced AI and automation running within 2 weeks.​

Agent Assistance

Collaborative Automation​

"Off the shelf" AI seldom works. EdgeTier will work with you to train systems based on your company and your customer's unique terminology.​

"The EdgeTier deployment was completely painless. EdgeTier took the time to understand our business in depth.”
Pete Rowan
Executive Vice President, Yapstone

Reward your agents with tools that work with them

Your Team, Guided By AI

EdgeTier’s AI engine understands your customer queries and guides agents through responding by suggesting responses, retrieving relevant data and automating tasks on the agent’s behalf.

Use the power of AI and automation to have better quality conversations with your customers; increase CSAT scores, first contact resolution rates, and sales conversions, all while reducing handling times and operational costs.

For maximum use of artificial intelligence in contact centres integrate with your CRM and ticketing system like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk

Connect the dots in your contact centre

EdgeTier technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system.

Out of the box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software is available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.

Multi-Lingual to the Core

Achieve frictionless conversations without language barriers. 

Reduce the need for multilingual staff to communicate with your customers. Let any team member handle any language through real-time translations in 100+ languages.

Remote Native

EdgeTier systems are accessible anywhere with data and reporting that ensures you have a clear view of all activities.

Project yourself to the contact centre floor with proactive notifications that alert you to pertinent issues, no matter where the team is located.

Marketplace Customer Care

Are you operating in a marketplace environment? Are you struggling to manage multi-sided conversations between customers, internal stakeholders, suppliers, and partners?

The EdgeTier system streamlines even the most complex marketplace processes, delivering efficiency improvements and infinitely better customer understanding than standard systems.

Unlock the power of agent assistance TODAY

Delight your customers and boost agent productivity with the help of AI.

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