Pre-emptive insights for customer engagement teams

You can’t take full advantage of the insights buried in your customer conversations, hindering your efforts to improve customer experience.

EdgeTier is a real-time AI system that monitors conversationsidentifies issues, and surfaces insights.

EdgeTier takes communications data, at scale, and makes it actionable and accessible.

 EdgeTier’s award-winning software is run by the world’s most innovative companies to improve customer experience, detect customer issues, and ultimately drive revenues.

we give your contact centre the competitive edge

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:



Scale and automate quality assessment with Agent Review. Real-time feedback on 100% of customer conversations to transform NPS and CSAT.

 Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring

intelligent Alerts

Clearly understand what your customers are saying and receive real-time alerts on emerging trends or topics to ensure you are never scrambling to understand issues..xx

Increased Efficiency and Quality

Agent Assist

Boost your agent productivity by over 50% using EdgeTier’s Agent-Assist technology. Faster agents who deliver higher quality responses at scale.  

EdgeTier have allowed us to reach new levels of customer experience”
Ian Copley
Director of Operations Holiday Extras



All agents follow brand guidelines with agent assistance helping them.

Customer Stories


See what success with EdgeTier looks like using AI and Automation.


Find out how AI has transformed client services for market-leading B2B Technology provider Cartrawler..

Discover exactly how the CarTrawler contact centre has reduced email handling time by 45% and cut chat handling times by 25%.

YapStone use Arthur Agent Assistance for Customer Service


Since choosing EdgeTier Yapstone has eliminated tonnes of manual processes and transformed their operational efficiency in a multi-lingual marketplace.

Find out how you can supercharge your contact centre efficiency with AI.

holiday extras

Discover how EdgeTier AI and Holiday Extras created a winning combination to keep ahead of hidden customer issues

Read exactly how they are embracing AI to stay ahead of customer anomalies while seeing the benefits of accessible data visibility and real-time monitoring alerts.

"The EdgeTier deployment was completely painless. EdgeTier took the time to understand our business in depth.”
Pete Rowan
Executive Vice President, Yapstone

Why EdgeTier?

Clear and rapid return on investment

Whether you are focused on curbing costs, boosting CSAT, or increasing revenue, EdgeTier offers clear and demonstrable ROI. We are happy to work with you on your investment model. 

Stop worrying about per agent prices and fluctuating staff
For maximum use of artificial intelligence in contact centres integrate with your CRM and ticketing system like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk

Simple Deployments

EdgeTier customer service technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system.

Out-of-the-box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software are available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.

Data that delights

Give your organisation the competitive edge with the world’s most data-accessible contact centre technology. Answers to any customer service question imaginable is at your fingertips.

EdgeTier can scan customer conversations as well as contact centre KPIS

Low cost trials

We know you will love our technology so we are happy to run low-cost trials that prove the ROI before making a long term commitment.

Case Study


CarTrawler operate in a complex, fast-paced, multi-lingual marketplace environment, working between end-users and car-rental partners across the globe. 

Advisors liaise between customers and suppliers across many channels, often with complex processes to follow.

With EdgeTier, CarTrawler improved efficiency and data visibility over multiple contact centre sites, dozens of branded partner sites, 3 communication channels, and over 20 different languages. 
+ 0
Customer NPS Score Improvement
- 0 %
Email Handling Time Reduction
- 0 %
Chat Handling Time Reduction
0 m+
Additional Cross Sales
CarTrawler work with EdgeTier on customer service automation
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product ... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler.”
james waghorn head of customer operations cartrawler profile photo
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact, CarTrawler


Our Core features



EdgeTier can scan customer conversations as well as contact centre KPIS

Customer Service Focussed AI

EdgeTier’s AI engine is built specifically for customer service teams and deeply understands your contact centre and your customer queries.

Classify queries with above 95% accuracy and understand your customer attitudes, while also going deeper to unearth the hidden trends of customer contact in real-time.

Simple and out of the box translation services enable rapid expansion into markets and languages.


Achieve frictionless conversations without language barriers. Reduce the need for multilingual staff to communicate with your customers by letting any team member handle any language through real-time translations in 100+ languages.

EdgeTier assists your agents and contact centre managers in understanding contact trends and detect issues in any language.


Data-Driven to the core

Accessible data is fundamental to modern contact centres.  EdgeTier ensures that no question goes unanswered with comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting as well as complete data access for your analysts to go wild.

EdgeTier’s AI continuously monitors every contact in the background so that it can tell you about the trends you need to know about.

Supercharge customer service with AI

Edgetier is transforming contact centre metrics with powerful agent assist and monitoring and alerting AI. 

It all starts with a quick chat with one of our expert team. 

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