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On this page, we share news from EdgeTier products, our thoughts on customer service best practices, and we try to distil the world of customer service automation and AI to easily digestible and useful posts for our customers and readers.
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Where and Why to apply AI in your contact centre

The world of Artificial Intelligence is broad and complex, and definitely difficult to penetrate for the uninitiated. The most commonly […]

AI Powered Quality Assurance (QA) and Agent Reviews

The Quality Assurance Process To keep track of, and improve, customer experience at the contact centre, the management of contact […]

Is a Lack of Personalisation Driving Down Customer Experience Scores?

Humans versus technology. High quality conversations or faster response times? This is the dilemma that the vast majority of companies […]

Enhancing Customer Service Performance With AI - Interview

Bart, CTO at EdgeTier, gave an interview with Eline Chivot from the Center for Data Innovation recently, discussing how artificial intelligence can enhance human-centric customer service through better personalisation, faster responses, and greater accuracy.

Why Bother Assisting Agents In Customer Service?

The role of a customer support agent What does it mean these days to be a customer support agent? It […]
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