EdgeTier Raises €6m in Series A
We just raised €6M round led by Smedvig Capital to accelerate our vision for the future of Customer Engagement.
EdgeTier Assist
Perfect personalised customer responses delivered faster than ever before. EdgeTier Assistant prompts each agent with the perfect response & all related data freeing them to add value and personalisation.

Better Responses

Assistant knows which responses work best in very context. Agents are prompted with the ideal response that they can edit and personalise.

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EdgeTier creates better agent responses

Faster Responses

Agents using Assist see handling times reduce by up to 60%, with improvements in net promoter score and first contact resolution metrics.
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Fast responses with EdgeTier AI

All the data at your Fingertips

Customer queries require agents to gather data from a multiple systems (CRMs, POs, Orders, etc). EdgeTier Assistant knows what data each conversation requires and presents it through one interface shaving minutes and frustration from every conversation.

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EdgeTier full data analytics and reporting platform
See for yourself
Use EdgeTier to reduce handling times while agents process customer communications, with automatic prompting throughout conversations, automated retrieval of pertinent information, and automated wrap up.
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We give your contact centre the Competitive Edge

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:
AI-Powered Agent Quality Assessment 
Scale and automate quality assessment with Agent Review. Real-time feedback on 100% of customer conversations to transform NPS and CSAT.
Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring
Clearly understand what your customers are saying and receive real-time alerts on emerging trends or topics to ensure you are never scrambling to understand issues.
Increased Efficiency and Quality
Boost your agent productivity by over 50% using EdgeTier’s Agent-Assist technology. Faster agents who deliver higher quality responses at scale.

Customer Focused Leaders Trust EdgeTier

See how customer-centric teams use EdgeTier AI to unlock their customer reality, drive retention, and improve their customer experience.
Abercrombie & Fitch
Nick Brazitis
Global Customer Care Manager
“The anomaly feature is a game changer for us. It’s highly accurate and has helped us identify customer issues, agent errors, and even fraud that would have taken us longer to catch.”
Codere Online COO
Deborah Guivisdalsky
"We are now able to react to issues faster than before, while also finding hidden issues that may have gone unnoticed for days."
James Waghorn
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler."
Case Study: CarTrawler
CarTrawler operate in a complex, fast-paced, multi-lingual marketplace environment, working between end-users and car-rental partners across the globe.
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Customer NPS Score Improvement
Email Handling Time Reduction
Chat Handling Time Reduction
Additional Cross Sales
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