EdgeTier asSIST
Reach new levels of Customer Experience with AI - Powered Chat and Email Handling.
Create fast, personalised customer responses effortlessly. Say goodbye to time wasted searching for information across multiple systems. Agents get instant prompts for perfect replies and access to all relevant data, allowing them to concentrate on quality, add their personal touch and make each interaction special.
EdgeTier - Assist

EdgeTier helps customer service teams see the whole picture, so they can work smarter, faster, and know exactly where to focus.

Email handling time reduction
Chat handling time reduction
Reduction in chat abandonment rate
Chat speed of answer improvement
Skill based routing

Improve satisfaction by matching customer inquiries with the right agents.

Improve customer support efficiency by automatically directing queries to the best-suited agent. Customers receive accurate and prompt answers, leading to higher satisfaction rates and a quicker first time contact resolution.

Make friends with your agents
Faster responses

Increase engagement with personalised responses for every interaction

Real-time guidance ensures agents say the right thing at the right time, with empathy and a human touch. Agents are prompted with the ideal response that they can edit and personalise.

EdgeTier creates better agent responses
Workforce management

Decrease handling time with instant access to data

Customer queries require agents to gather data from multiple systems (CRMs, POs, Orders, etc). EdgeTier gives you all the data needed for every customer interaction to easily reference without clicking away from the conversation.

Fast responses with EdgeTier AI
Happy Agents

Reduce the risk of a negative customer experience

With skills-based routing and automation, the right queries are directed to the right agents based on workload, language, technical expertise and more. This way even during agent onboarding and peak times  your customers receive helpful responses quickly.

Spot anamolies and alert your team
Ease of set up

Keep agents happy and motivated

Agents are happier and perform better when they handle queries in their area of expertise, leading to higher job satisfaction and better outcomes all around.

EdgeTier - keep agents happy and motivated

Easy set up and seamless integration

EdgeTier is ready with integrations to all major contact centre systems, such as Salesforce, Live Person, Zendesk, Kustomer etc. as well as a simple API to connect to in-house systems.

Go live in less than 2 hours, with zero IT time required from your team.

Integrate your favourite CRM

Assist Key Features

Real-time chat
Interact with customers in real time, providing immediate human assistance.
Relevant data retrieval
Access to customer profiles, purchase details and ticket history all in one place.
Skill based routing
Automatically direct chats to the most qualified agents based on predefined skills.
Chat History
Keep a history of chat interactions that agents can refer to for context in ongoing or future interactions.
Multi-language and instant translation support
Automatically detect the language of incoming messages and translate them accordingly.
Proactive chat
Initiate chats with visitors based on their behaviour on the website.
Security and compliance
Ensure secure data handling, protecting customer information.

Customer Focused Leaders Trust EdgeTier

See how customer-centric teams use EdgeTier AI to unlock their customer reality, drive retention, and improve their customer experience.
Abercrombie & Fitch
Nick Brazitis
Global Customer Care Manager
“The anomaly feature is a game changer for us. It’s highly accurate and has helped us identify customer issues, agent errors, and even fraud that would have taken us longer to catch.”
Codere Online COO
Deborah Guivisdalsky
"We are now able to react to issues faster than before, while also finding hidden issues that may have gone unnoticed for days."
James Waghorn
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler."
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