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EdgeTier enables a new generation of customer engagement teams to do the impossible: radically improve efficiency, turning agents into superstars and making the unknown visible with near-magical ease.
Easily integrate with all major CRMs
Real-time alerting and monitoring
Curb costs, boosting CSAT, increase revenue
Gain answers to any customer service question imaginable
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On this page, we share news from EdgeTier products, our thoughts on customer service best practices, and we try to distil the world of customer service automation and AI to easily digestible and useful posts for our customers and readers.

Why EdgeTier?

Why should you should make your next customer experience journey with us!
Clear and rapid return on investment
Whether you are focused on curbing costs, boosting CSAT, or increasing revenue, EdgeTier offers clear and demonstrable ROI. We are happy to work with you on your investment model.
Simple Deployments
EdgeTier customer service technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system. Out-of-the-box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software are available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.
Data that delights
Give your organisation the competitive edge with the world’s most data-accessible contact centre technology. Answers to any customer service question imaginable is at your fingertips.
Low cost trials
We know you will love our technology so we are happy to run low-cost trials that prove the ROI before making a long term commitment.

EdgeTier AI Platform Delivers ‘God Level’ Improvements to forward-looking Teams

EdgeTier AI sees and understands every interaction, across every agent and in every language.
Be Omnipotent
See important changes in customer behaviour in real time. Respond to changes and trends as they happen not after they’ve happened.
Create Superstars
Coach your team in real time and improve their effectiveness with every interaction. Have a true picture of how each team member performs over ALL of their conversations ALL of the time.
Work at Super Speed
Amaze your customers with unheard of response times and with the perfect answer to their query while keeping the team members personal touch.
Tag Every Sentence
Let the AI automatically organise, categorize and tidy each conversation and free up your team to do what they are there to do - engage customers.

We give your contact centre the Competitive Edge

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:
AI-Powered Agent Quality Assessment 
Scale and automate quality assessment with Agent Review. Real-time feedback on 100% of customer conversations to transform NPS and CSAT.
Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring
Clearly understand what your customers are saying and receive real-time alerts on emerging trends or topics to ensure you are never scrambling to understand issues.
Increased Efficiency and Quality
Boost your agent productivity by over 50% using EdgeTier’s Agent-Assist technology. Faster agents who deliver higher quality responses at scale.

Backed by World-Class Investors

EdgeTier is backed by investors who believe in the vision of AI and machine learning permeating every aspect of contact centre operation, realising new levels of efficiency and automation.
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ACT Venture Capital
Smedvig Capital Investors
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EdgeTier can go live in 2 hours with zero IT time required. The product integrates with almost every major contact centre software provider.
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