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On this page, we share news from EdgeTier products, our thoughts on customer service best practices, and we try to distil the world of customer service automation and AI to easily digestible and useful posts for our customers and readers.

React to Issues Faster With Contact Centre AI

Problem If you are running a customer service centre, do any of the below apply to you? 1. You rely […]

5 Ways Ai is Improving the Life of Contact Center Managers

Contact center managers can struggle under the weight of delivering great service, while also being expected to provide valuable customer […]

WatchTower September Release: Emotions, Metrics, and Interaction Views

Do you remember, the 21st night of September?  You will have to forgive us as it's not quite the 21st […]

Analyse Customer Sentiment on Zendesk Ticket Comments

Customer sentiment analysis involves discovering customer attitudes towards products and brands. We are going to perform sentiment analysis on comments from tickets in Zendesk using Python, Zenpy, and TextBlob.

EdgeTier Version 5.22: Departments, Email Routing, Skill Editing

In this latest update to EdgeTier agent assist, we have added the ability to separate users into isolated teams with […]

Contact Deflection, Chatbots, and Customer Assistance

Customer contact deflection with chatbots; it's the quintessential example of AI for a contact centre. The instant a customer first […]

Using AI to Label Contact Centre Contacts and Surveys

Text classification techniques can be used by contact centres to enhance reporting, improve auto responses, and reduce agent handling times. In this post we look at how text classification works and what the best use of text classification techniques is in the customer contact centre.

Five Agent Assist applications for contact centres

In this article, we're looking at agent assist approaches for customer care centres. Agent assist has become increasingly popular as […]

AI Powered Quality Assurance (QA) and Agent Reviews

The Quality Assurance Process To keep track of, and improve, customer experience at the contact centre, the management of contact […]
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