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If you are running a customer service centre, do any of the below apply to you?

1. You rely on agents to spot customer issues

You rely on agents to spot customer-impacting issues on top of their already overloaded day.  This can lead to slower reaction times and missed issues.

2. You can’t prove issues are happening in order to fix them

You think there are hidden issues happening in your customer conversations, you may even have had some example customer queries raised by your team. However, you are struggling to support your instinct with any clear evidence that the issues exist at scale, or to understand the size of the issue.

3. Your team manually reviews tickets to get a sense of customer experience issues

The only real way of understanding your customers is through a manual review of customer queries. You’d like your team to do reviews all the time, but it is a time consuming process so it rarely happens.

4. You struggle to find and understand the route cause of emerging issues

You may see a rise in customer contacts, but understanding the root cause of the spike in contacts is difficult. You struggle to quickly diagnose why the spike is happening and so you cannot flag it to the correct team to fix the route cause of the issue.

Ai Solution

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above we have the to your problems. Why are we so confident? Well, we have conducted over fifty interviews with contact centre employees to identify three three key areas where AI can help:

1. Ai spots issues automatically instead of agents

AI technology can learn your contact centre patterns and detect unusual activities. Just like your best agents, AI can be trained to spot when customers are talking about things they don’t normally talk about and alert you. Of course, the big difference is that AI can perform this job 24/7 across every single customer contact.

2. Finding the root cause with AI

AI will scan all your customer contact channels to find the root cause of an issue and quantify the risk it poses to the contact centre. Once an issue is detected, AI can automatically find all examples of customers talking about the issue to provide a complete picture of the size of the issue.

3. Provide a complete picture of issues

Whether it’s a small customer experience issue only impacting a few customers, or a major outage impacting everybody, AI and automation can determine which customer segments are impacted, which products are driving the issue,  or which regions are impacted. Additionally, just like your human agents, AI can detect when customers are frustrated or when they are delighted, giving you a complete view of the customer impact.

Benefits Of Contact Centre Ai

So what happens in customer service teams who adopt AI monitoring and alerting technology:

Quicker reactions to issues

There is a complete understanding of an issue as soon as it happens, This understanding means that teams can react to issues faster, maintain SLAs even in challenging environments, and overall panic a lot less!

A greater understanding of customer conversations

You can keep your finger on the pulse of customer contacts with a real-time view that is constantly scanning all customer contact channels allowing for greater customer understanding.

Use customer insights to improve customer experience

Contact centres become a feedback loop to the entire organisation of what customers are saying, highlighting major and minor customer experience issues alike. This consistent feedback improves customer experience based on what customers actually want.

Want to learn more?

If you want to see how EdgeTier’s monitoring and alerting technology can help you bring your customer experience to the next level, get in touch and we will show you how.

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