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Take control of your brand experience with faster reactions to issues, more informed reporting, and a deeper understanding of customer problems.

High Quality Responses, at High Quality Customer Experience, at

For utilities, customer experience is a key differentiator. Every touchpoint is a retention and up-sell opportunity. With EdgeTier, you can make every customer experience matter with tools that help your team optimise every step.
Seamless Integration
Out of the Box AI that plugs into your existing software quickly.

EdgeTier technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with your existing system, like Zendesk, Salesforce, SAP, CISCO, MySQL, AVAYA and more.
Let Insights Find You
Let our AI bring the data to you.
Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data.

Our AI learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you with a quick email alert notification.
Automated Agent Quality Reviews
Wasting a lot of time on agent quality assurance? EdgeTier’s AI analyses 100% of agent interactions to tell you about the areas in need of most improvement.
Best Practice Responses, Every Time
At EdgeTier, advanced AI determines customer intent, and an agent assistant shows advisors the centre best-practice response for each customer, every time.

Accurate and fast responses can mean the difference between excellent and meagre customer service. When customers get in touch, make the interaction count with best practice responses every time.
Consistent Tone of Voice
With agent assistance and pre-prepared suggested responses, a consistent tone of voice is achieved across all of the advisors in large contact centres.

Stop worrying about custom templates on every agents system, and start fine tuning your brand tone centrally.
Lower Waiting times
When every agent is more efficient, customers feel it too. Smaller queues, lower waiting times, and less abandoned chats improve the customer experience and add to your brand reputation.

With EdgeTier, agent assistance maintains agent response accuracy and prioritises customer queries according to urgency and customer types.

Where EdgeTier works in Utilities

Where we’ve seen EdgeTier’s agent assistant and AI technology excel in utilities contact centres such as energy, water, and telecommunications.
Connection Issues

Stop finding out about issues hours after they occur. EdgeTier’s advanced contact centre monitor triggers as soon as conversation topics vary off normal, instantly detecting connection failures, outages, and downtimes.

Payment Issues

Errors with payment processing and refunds can be complex to diagnose and remedy. With EdgeTier’s integration, agents move faster with pertinent information encapsulated in responses and presented with interactions.


When an emergency contact arrives, ensure that it reaches the right agent as quickly as possible. EdgeTier features a dynamic routing system that can identify emergencies and sound the alarm as necessary.


Improve conversion and engage more customers by suggesting real-time personalised up-sell and cross-sell to agents as they speak with customers.


Credit, collections, and payments are managed seamlessly with best-practice responses and conversation monitoring for difficult situations. Improve both the customer experience and payment outcomes with advanced agent assistance.

Address Changes

For some centres, the notorious move-in / move-out can be an advisor time sink, rife with documentation, process, and complexity. Let AI help agents move everything along faster.


Go Realtime

EdgeTier AI Engine works in real time, pulling messages as they are sent & received, processing through our AI systems, and pushing data and alerts where they need to go instantly. This isn’t just fast… this is real time.

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Realtime updates - millions of data points processed by EdgeTier AI
Unreal Utilities Interactions
Reduce average handling times, improve customer experience scores, and improve sales performance in your travel customer care centre. Talk to EdgeTier.
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We give your contact centre the Competitive Edge

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:
AI-Powered Agent Quality Assessment 
Scale and automate quality assessment with Agent Review. Real-time feedback on 100% of customer conversations to transform NPS and CSAT.
Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring
Clearly understand what your customers are saying and receive real-time alerts on emerging trends or topics to ensure you are never scrambling to understand issues.
Increased Efficiency and Quality
Boost your agent productivity by over 50% using EdgeTier’s Agent-Assist technology. Faster agents who deliver higher quality responses at scale.
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