EdgeTier Version 5.20: Offline Chat Deflection & Live Searched Chats

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Offline Chat Deflection & Live Searched Chats Are Here

Today, we’re announcing two exciting new features. Offline Chat Deflection will allow customers to start a chat with our bot even when no agents available; eventually giving the customer the option of submitting their chat to the email queue to be handled later. Live Searched Chats means that new incoming and outgoing chat messages will now appear as you are viewing a chat from the search screen.

Offline Chat Deflection

At EdgeTier we know that sometimes support teams can get busy. You may not always have agents available to answer a customer's chat. However, that doesn't mean the customer should not be able to receive help in their preferred channel. Previously, our widget could not appear when no agents were online. We realise that the modern customer must be available 24/7 and this feature update reflects that. 

The real value of offline chat deflection is that the agent can opt-in to allow customers to start a chat in this situation and go through the normal "chat deflection" flow. In ideal circumstances, the chat deflection process should be enough to answer their query. If not, customers will have the option to submit their chat to the email queue. 

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Note that email must also be enabled and some configuration may be required for this feature to work correctly for your customers. Please contact us for details.

Live Searched Chats

Often, when agents require support from managers or team leads, it can be useful to be able to see what is happening in an ongoing chat. Chats will now continually update with messages as they are sent by agents or customers on the search screen. Previously this was only really possible by closing and re-opening a chat.

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Improved Security and Virus Scanning

Beneath the hood, the EdgeTier team has improved the security of the system and added active malware and virus scanning to all attachment messages sent and received by customers and agents. Malware databases are updated for all customers regularly, and any malicious content will be automatically removed if received on either end of conversations. On our API, we’ve also tightened up security protocols and data access, ever improving the security of information flows between agents and customers.

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