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Importance of Customer Experience 

According to Forbes organisations with superior customer experience bring in 5-7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience. Fonolo reports that 89% of consumers who experience poor service will leave for a competitor.

The current process in contact centres tends to have many manual and inefficient elements when trying to interpret customer data. These can be very time-consuming as well as costly.


Pressure to make sense of data

There is overwhelming pressure on contact centres to act as a feedback loop for their entire organisation to improve customer experience. As customer contacts grow it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the visibility of a contact centre. This lack of visibility is causing undetected issues and leads to lost revenues.

Large customer contact volumes 

The current situation is that customer support teams are struggling to maintain standards as contact volumes increase. This added pressure has the following impact: 

  • Slow reaction times: Important customer issues only get noticed hours or days after they happen, and it often takes managers even longer to fully quantify and understand issues. This leads to missed SLAs and uninformed responses to customers. 
  • Lack of customer understanding: Customer service leaders are constantly playing catch-up to understand what is driving customer contact and never feel they have a ‘pulse’ on what issues are impacting their customers. Additionally, quantification is a challenge as teams are in the dark in regards to the overall severity of an issue.
  • Poor customer experience: Untreated issues build over time and lead to overall drops in customer experience.

AI Brings Customer Clarity

Although contact centers harbor a wealth of customer data, quick access to clear insights is a challenge for managers. The EdgeTier AI empowers contact centers with an automated solution that monitors large amounts of data into insights in real-time.

The AI learns the normal patterns of a contact centre and then focuses on improving reaction times, customer understanding and customer experience at scale. EdgeTier AI optimises the process between understanding large volumes of data and the customer experience in contact centres. It does this by monitoring all customer conversations and contact centre activity for unusual patterns and anomalies.

EdgeTier artificial intelligence helps contact centres to quickly spot issues and ensure teams react quickly to prevent costly outages, empowering contact centres to leverage and interpret what their customers are really saying to them at scale. 

EdgeTier AI proactively alerts managers about anomalies and events impacting customer experience as soon as they start. The value is that contact centre managers can spend less time painfully crawling through dashboards. By automating this manual section of the process contact centres can focus on what really matters i.e. keeping customers satisfied by reacting to their problems as they occur not hours or even days later. 

The true strength of EdgeTier AI is the pressure it takes away from contact centre teams to perform miracles with huge volumes of data. EdgeTier AI keeps watch over the contact centre for the support team. By using AI to free agents from this pressure, contact centres can focus on driving customer experience standards and no longer worry about losing valuble hours sifting through customer contact data.

It is when AI is added to a contact centre process. Agents can leverage a greater understanding of their customers. This is in turn allows for the personalisation of each customer interaction to foster an excellent customer experience process and inform how companies are speaking to customers with their marketing strategy. 


Set up is Painless 

Sometimes adding in new technology can be a process full of friction. Recognising this concern, EdgeTier customer service software seamlessly plugs into existing contact systems like Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Live Person, Live Agent and lots more. Once the integration is completed, the AI will offer 24/7 security by scanning contact centre data and filter through all the noise telling contact centre managers exactly what they need to know at the time it is happening. 


Final Thoughts

Customer service is going through a period of change with technology assisting the existing contact centre process. AI-assisted customer support can empower agents to stay up-to-date on customer data and surface answers more quickly than would be humanly possible.

Technology such as EdgeTier AI can improve every aspect of a business including online customer experience, loyalty, brand reputation, preventive assistance, and even generation of revenue streams. AI-based solutions like EdgeTier are becoming a standard for contact centre management as businesses look to streamline operations and increase customer loyalty. 

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