EdgeTier Raises €6m in Series A
We just raised €6M round led by Smedvig Capital to accelerate our vision for the future of Customer Engagement.
EdgeTier Coach
Fed Up with Time-Consuming Agent QA?
Automate your agent QA to achieve complete coverage across all agents, BPOs, channels, and languages. Say goodbye to the days of manually reviewing a small sample of conversations, which often results in missing critical issues because you’re not seeing the whole picture.
EdgeTier - Coach

Use AI to improve Agent performance fast

Imagine being able to analyse every single conversation, pinpoint knowledge gaps and provide targeted coaching for all agents. 

The AI will notify you in advance about areas for improvement and highlight problematic conversations. For example, it will flag instances lacking empathy or where customers were dissatisfied with an agent's knowledge level. You can easily compare agent performance, and track performance trends across teams.

Faster agent performance

Achieve complete visibility of individual agent performance

Move from spot-checks to monitor 100% of agent interactions. No more hoping you find issues in a small random selection of historic queries. When you automate QA, it's easier to see how agents are performing and their influence on customer satisfaction.

Coach diagram showing user customer satisfaction statistics
Better customer experience

Identify Coaching Opportunities

Spot where knowledge is lacking, figure out what reasons are causing  repeat contacts, and pinpoint which areas could benefit from additional training. Coach looks through all of an agent’s customer conversations and uses AI to understand them in real time for targeted coaching opportunities.

Setup agents for success with EdgeTier
Measure support quality

Compare multiple agents and teams

Keep track of the metrics and KPIs that are important to you by configuring your own dashboards. Tailor your reports to focus on specific regions, brands, or compare agents, multiple agents and different teams.

EdgeTier realitime AI engine
Targeted QA

Get visibility into how agents interact with customers

See how agents perform across their interactions with all customers. EdgeTier gives you detailed reports on their tone of voice, interactions with customers, spelling and grammar, and how empathetic they are.

Assist agents with useful advice
Easy Set Up

Easy set up and seamless integration

EdgeTier is ready with integrations to all major contact centre systems, such as Salesforce, Live Person, Zendesk, Kustomer etc. as well as a simple API to connect to in-house systems.

Go live in less than 2 hours, with zero IT time required from your team.

Millions of chats all processed simultaneously by EdgeTier AI Software
Find out how EdgeTier can help you protect the customer experience.
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