EdgeTier Raises €6m in Series A
We just raised €6M round led by Smedvig Capital to accelerate our vision for the future of Customer Engagement.
EdgeTier Coach
Build Superstars. The best teams are constantly improving through real-time coaching on their WHOLE game with a deep understanding of the emotional intelligence required to win.
Instant Feedback

Set up your Agents for Success

Agent performance reviews are like having speed traps for cars that have no speedometers. Coach is a speedometer for each agent giving them instant feedback so they can self-correct before their performance review.

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Setup agents for success with EdgeTier

Comprehensive & Fair Performance Reviews

Turbo Charge your performance reviews. Coach looks through ALL of an agent’s customer conversations and uses AI to dynamically understand so you can concentrate on the areas that really matter.

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Coach diagram showing user customer satisfaction statistics

This Time with Feeling

Understand the impact emotional intelligence skills play on customer conversations. Coach clearly identifies where agents need help with tone, empathy or conflict.

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Assist agents with useful advice
Get Help FAST

Man Overboard

Everyone can have a bad day. Coach is always there and can immediately alert the people who can help.

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EdgeTier coaches your agents
See for yourself
Get your data flowing into EdgeTier in a low-risk trial, and watch your customer satisfaction scores improve with more informed, more engaging, and more effective agent coaching sessions.
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We give your contact centre the Competitive Edge

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:
AI-Powered Agent Quality Assessment 
Scale and automate quality assessment with Agent Review. Real-time feedback on 100% of customer conversations to transform NPS and CSAT.
Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring
Clearly understand what your customers are saying and receive real-time alerts on emerging trends or topics to ensure you are never scrambling to understand issues.
Increased Efficiency and Quality
Boost your agent productivity by over 50% using EdgeTier’s Agent-Assist technology. Faster agents who deliver higher quality responses at scale.

Customer Focused Leaders Trust EdgeTier

See how customer-centric teams use EdgeTier AI to unlock their customer reality, drive retention, and improve their customer experience.
Ian Copley
Ian Copley
Director of Operations Holiday Extras
“EdgeTier have allowed us to reach new levels of customer experience”
Pete Rowan
Pete Rowan
Executive Vice President
"The EdgeTier deployment was completely painless. EdgeTier took the time to understand our business in depth.”
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