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The biggest leap in contact efficiency and quality that you’ll ever make.

Get answers to your customers, Fast!

Off-the-shelf software is great when you are starting out, but once you go beyond twenty agents, it’s time to introduce real efficiency and increase insights. Here is what we deliver:
Let Insights Find You
Let our AI bring the data to you.
Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data.

Our AI learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you with a quick email alert notification.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Improve CSAT score with EdgeTier's intelligent alerting.

Our AI allows you to react to issues faster, communicate with agents and ensure trending customer issues are dealt with effectively.
Seamless Integration
Out of the Box AI that plugs into your existing software quickly.

EdgeTier technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with your existing system, like Zendesk, Salesforce, SAP, CISCO, MySQL, AVAYA and more.
Advanced Prioritisation
For travel companies, the urgency of inbound contacts can vary between "I'm at my hotel and it's burning down" to "Can I add a suitcase to my booking in 4 months?".

EdgeTier's AI engine can prioritise, route, and sort your queue to ensure that urgent queries are dealt with first and by the highest skill agents.
Per Interaction Pricing
Travel is seasonal, but your system costs shouldn't be. Stop worrying about per-agent licenses when you add additional advisors or reduce headcount in quiet months.

EdgeTier is priced based on interaction volumes, aligning incentives to achieve maximum efficiency; you can use as many agents as you need.
Real-Time Translation
Serve the languages and destinations that you've always wanted. Use real-time translation of messages and emails between customers and agents to serve any language with ease.

EdgeTier supports a range of translation engines and allows expansion of support to over 200 different languages.

Where EdgeTier works in Retail

Where we’ve seen EdgeTier’s agent assistant and AI technology excel in travel and hospitality contact centres
Better Customer Experience

Fix service issues for your customers and users faster with immediate alerts of abnormal customer conversations, trending topics, and missing SLAs.

Booking Modifcations

Anomaly detection can alert you of a pattern of booking modifications and give you the data to get to the bottom of any unusual customer behaviour quickly.

Agent Availability

AI monitors your KPIs and conversations and alerts you quickly when anomalies occur. Ensuring teams are getting to all customer engagements in a timely way.

Holiday Season Surge

Keep CSAT levels high during busy seasons with anomaly detection on events affecting customer experience as soon as they start.


Improve conversion and engage more customers by suggesting real-time personalised up-sell and cross-sell to agents as they speak with customers.

Payment Issues

Reduce errors and improve handling times by bringing payment history, issues, and amounts to agents before communication even starts.


Cancellation requests can be complex. Get terms and conditions, refund amounts, and data to agents fast. Ensure everyone follows best practice.


Reduce handling times and improve customer satisfaction for rebooking queries with pre-filled quotations and automatically generated options for customers.


Refund amounts vary based on cancellation reasons, terms, and customer types. Stop agents from searching for the rules, and bring it straight to them instantly.


Plans change, situations update. Provide agents with information on amendment impacts instantly as they speak with customers.


Jet Setter

EdgeTier AI works across all languages, time zones and cultures.

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Language translation on the fly with EdgeTier AI software
Terrific Customer Service For Travel
Reduce average handling times, improve customer experience scores, and improve sales performance in your travel customer care centre. Talk to EdgeTier.
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Why EdgeTier?

Why should you should make your next customer experience journey with us!
Clear and rapid return on investment
Whether you are focused on curbing costs, boosting CSAT, or increasing revenue, EdgeTier offers clear and demonstrable ROI. We are happy to work with you on your investment model.
Simple Deployments
EdgeTier customer service technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system. Out-of-the-box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software are available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.
Data that delights
Give your organisation the competitive edge with the world’s most data-accessible contact centre technology. Answers to any customer service question imaginable is at your fingertips.
Low cost trials
We know you will love our technology so we are happy to run low-cost trials that prove the ROI before making a long term commitment.
Case Study: CarTrawler
CarTrawler operate in a complex, fast-paced, multi-lingual marketplace environment, working between end-users and car-rental partners across the globe.
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Customer NPS Score Improvement
Email Handling Time Reduction
Chat Handling Time Reduction
Additional Cross Sales
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