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Learn more about how EdgeTier can monitor 100% of customer contact conversations and give you real time insight into what your customers are talking about.

We’re happy to announce that EdgeTier has built an integration to work with the data streaming platform Amazon Eventbridge with Zendesk. This new integration allows the EdgeTier system to receive ticketing and chat data in real-time from the largest customers of Zendesk with no impact to their API consumption. 

About Amazon EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge is an “event bus service” which receives data streaming from Zendesk (and other systems) at all times on every ticket activity. EdgeTier can work with this data to receive data faster and at a much larger scale than traditional “pull” type API requests.

amazon eventbridge - EdgeTier AI

How it works

To provide the best insights, the EdgeTier system ingests email, chat, and call data in real time, transcribes and stores all of that data, and analyses customer and agent speech to provide insights as quickly as possible. Speed is particularly important for our Sonar and Index product, where customers react immediately to arising issues or tagged queries with regulatory implications. 

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An example of an anomaly detected for a retail business. EdgeTier Sonar detects anomalies in real-time, alerting you to issues that could otherwise go unnoticed or require extensive manual effort to identify. 

Deep dive into this integration

Launching Amazon EventBridge for Zendesk support means that EdgeTier can handle tens of thousands of tickets per day from the largest contact centres in the world spread across thousands of customer service agents, all in real time.

The Zendesk platform is an all powerful platform for managing customer tickets, but the REST API to pull data has strict limitations imposed on it, with Enterprise customers restricted to 700 API calls per minute. As the volume of customer interactions, agent activities, reporting requirements, and additional third party tools increase in large contact centres, the API limit can quickly become a limiting factor for teams. Exhausting API limits can have an immediate impact on the operations of your business and customer service team - things just stop working!

zendesk plans - EdgeTier AI

One approach to get past this limitation is to elect for the Enterprise Plus High Volume Data Add on from Zendesk, but this can be expensive. 

The EventBridge integration, on the other hand, moves data ingestion from a pull to a push model, where Zendesk events are immediately pushed to your integration. Push-based streaming integrations can be faster to react to changes and handle much more data without API limitation problems.This new and exciting integration expands our existing integrations with major providers and platforms in the customer conversation space; including Salesforce, Live Person, Zendesk, Kustomer, LiveChat, Freshdesk,  Front, Qualtrics, and as well as a simple API to connect to in-house systems.

Take a look at our full list of integrations here. Get in touch to have your customer conversations come to life and start your customer experience improvement journey today.

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