HOLIDAY EXTRAS use ai alerting to improve travel Contact Centre metrics

''EdgeTier have allowed us to reach new levels of customer experience”
Ian Copley
Director of Operations, Holiday Extras


The EdgeTier Mission

At EdgeTier, we’re driven to optimise contact centre metrics with our customer service software by reducing handling times, lowering queue lengths, lowering abandon rates and increasing customer satisfaction scores. Our AI software is built to assist and empower contact centre managers and agents to skyrocket customer experience performance.

Along the way, we’ve had success with a host of internationally known contact centres. Our AI is built to help contact centers improve efficiency and scale email and chat using AI and automation.  

An example of one such success stories Holiday Extras.  We hope you enjoy it. 

Client Background: holiday extras

Holiday Extras are the UK market leader in travel extras, providing services for over seven million travelers a year. Core offerings include airport hotels, airport parking, airport lounges, rail and coach, destination car hire and holiday insurance. 

Holiday Extras place a very strong emphasis on customer experience despite facing challenges in dealing with the fallout of Coronavirus.


reducing handling times by over 50% with AI

EdgeTier deployed AI-assisted email and chat technology into Holiday Extras’ customer care team. The AI technology analyses and understands customer queries, while seamlessly assisting customer care agents with AI and automation that works on their behalf.

During the process, the EdgeTier AI guides agents through the stages of responding to customer queries, while ensuring the high-quality human touch is retained. This approach of assisting agents reduces handling times significantly while also increasing the quality of response. EdgeTier empowers Holiday Extras to handle customer queries that often involved both customers and suppliers in multiple languages and regions.

Since the AI deployment, Holiday Extras has had radical improvements in a number of areas including:

  • Chat handling time reduction of 52%
  • Email handling time reduction of 24%
  • A reduction in the time agents spent on complex manual processes. 
  • Delivering improved chat and email customer care at scale. 

In This Customer story You’ll Learn the following:

  • How to find a more scalable way to deliver high-quality chat and email.
  • How to improve customer care and to reduce the reliance on calls.
  • The recipe used by Holiday Extras  to reduce the time agents spend on complex manual processes.
  • How to handle travel contact centre queries that often involved both customers and suppliers.
  • How to reduce the cost of delivering multi-lingual support.
  • How  a data-led approach can transform customer understanding and  team performance. 

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