EdgeTier Version 5.17: Full-text Search & Filter Improvements

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What's New With Search and filtering?

Over the last while, we’ve been hard at work delivering enhancements to search and filtering within the system. 

Here’s a summary of changes, with a full explanation in the post below.

The Top Level Changes

This new release brings significant improvements to search and filtering.  Previously restricted to booking/reference IDs, email addresses, and conversation keys in the past, the search screen now supports Full-Text Search. We have also improved the ability to filter by multiple criteria on the search and reporting screens (Multi-Select Filters)

Full-Text Search

With these powerful new search features, it’s easier than ever to find the what you need. On the search screen you may now search for anything and the system will find any chats or emails with that text, including booking/account IDs, email addresses, and conversation keys as before. 

Introducing "lemmatisation". The latest background addition. this subtle development means that words or phrases of a similar meaning will be found. For example, if you search for complain, chats and emails containing "complain", "complaining", "complained" etc. will all be displayed. 

By default, the lemmatisation needs to know the language being searched. This defaults to English, but if you need to search for a different language you can always set a language filter. 

Beyond searching for just a single word, more advanced functionality is available:

  • Typing several terms separated by spaces e.g. error payment will find interactions that contain all of those words.
  • Match any phrase with OR: error OR issue will find interactions with either word.
  • Wrap in double quotes to search for multiple words appearing together e.g. "website down".
  • Exclude with a minus sign: complaint -delivery will find complaints not mentioning "delivery".

Multi-Select Filters

As a product-first company, we are committed to incremental changes that add real value.  We're excited to announce that lots of filters now allow multiple values to be selected. This functionality has been added to the search and reporting screens. This represents Another layer of product improvements to create even better experiences for our customers.

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Full-Screen Interactions

We have doubled down on our search screen. You'll now notice that when opening an interaction on the search screen, you should now see a new full-screen button. This will open any call, chat, or email on a separate page. This should be useful for sharing interactions with other people as you will now be able to copy and paste the URL.

Want to see these features in action get in touch today.

Screenshot 2021 04 26 at 15 1 - EdgeTier AI
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