EdgeTier version 5.22: Departments, email routing, skill editing

In this latest update to EdgeTier agent assist, we have added the ability to separate users into isolated teams with Departments, set up logic to perform custom email routing with Email Routing Rules and the ability to modify skills with Skill Editing


Some contact centres have separate teams or departments that work independently from each other with little overlap. The new Departments feature means that separate departments can work completely independently from each other. Administrators can create departments and assign individual users to be a part of an individual, or multiple, departments. Once assigned to a department, users will only be able to see chats, emails, reporting, and other users inside their own department(s).

Create Department

In order to assist agents and team leads we wanted the feature to be as flexible as possible. When creating or editing a user, administrators can decide whether each user should be restricted to one or more specific departments or be able to see everything. No matter how you want to divide your teams, EdgeTier has you covered. 

Email Routing rules

EdgeTier are exposing their highle flexible email routing capability so that administrators can create and modify their own routing rules. 

Rules can be defined in many ways, including based on text that customers may mention in the body and/or subject of the email, the email account that received the email, the language of the email etc.

Flexible routing in this way means that emails will always be routed to a customer support agent capable of handling the email.

Adding a custom email routing rule

Skill Editing

Now skills can be created and edited from the new Skills Settings page. This new feature will be very useful to use in combination with the new Departments and Email Routing Rules features.

Creating a new skill


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