EdgeTier Raises €6m in Series A
We just raised €6M round led by Smedvig Capital to accelerate our vision for the future of Customer Engagement.
EdgeTier Index
Fall in love with tagging again. This time the tags are automated, accurate and built on top of intelligent semantic search giving all of the benefits of perfect tagging with none of the pain.
Gain Time

Make Friends

Stop giving agents a job they don’t like and they’re not good at. They’ll appreciate you more for freeing their time so they can hit target.

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Make friends with your agents
Stay Current

Change your Mind

Do the impossible and create new tags and retroactively apply them to all historic conversations. Never be out of date by creating new tags with changes in business context.

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Create new tags like a pro
Near Perfect

Stop Being Wrong

Humans are terrible at tagging - Index is near perfect with 99.X% accuracy with a granularity that’s impossible for humans. Once the data’s right everything else is easier.

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EdgeTier indexing to reduce errors
Let Go

Be Free

Don’t be limited by the constraint of tags. Index’s Semantic search allows you to query using plain English and return all related conversations. New tags can be created and retroactively applied.

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EdgeTier semantic search functionality
See for yourself
Stop relying on your agents to label data accurately and allow them to focus on customer communications. Integrate with EdgeTier today and start with out-of-the-box presets for instant value and better reporting.
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Why EdgeTier?

Why should you should make your next customer experience journey with us!
Clear and rapid return on investment
Whether you are focused on curbing costs, boosting CSAT, or increasing revenue, EdgeTier offers clear and demonstrable ROI. We are happy to work with you on your investment model.
Simple Deployments
EdgeTier customer service technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system. Out-of-the-box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software are available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.
Data that delights
Give your organisation the competitive edge with the world’s most data-accessible contact centre technology. Answers to any customer service question imaginable is at your fingertips.
Low cost trials
We know you will love our technology so we are happy to run low-cost trials that prove the ROI before making a long term commitment.

Customer Focused Leaders Trust EdgeTier

See how customer-centric teams use EdgeTier AI to unlock their customer reality, drive retention, and improve their customer experience.
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