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Unlock actionable insights from your support conversations

Unlock actionable insights from your support conversations

EdgeTier is an all-in-one Customer Conversation Intelligence Platform that analyses 100% of support conversations to deliver actionable insights, benefiting your entire business.

Deliver continuous, data-driven, improvements to customer experience.

Helping Brands dramatically improve their customer experience through the insights hidden within their agent support and survey messages. No model training required!
Email Handling time reduction
NPS Improvement
of Alerts raised before noticed by a human
agent hours saved on average per month
EdgeTier Sonar

Get alerts for unexpected customer issues with proactive anomaly detection

Real-time monitoring and alerting of unusual topics (anomalies) provides proactive alerts on any issue that needs immediate attention. 

Instant alerts from EdgeTier platform
EdgeTier Index

Understand what Customers are talking about with AI Tagging and Reporting

Our AI platform analyses and tags customer interactions in real-time, providing fast and detailed insights into exactly what customers are talking about.

Create new tags like a pro
EdgeTier Coach

Improve agent performance with AI Powered QA & Coaching

Improve agent quality with 100% visibility into agent and customer interactions. Move from spot checks to targeted coaching opportunities for each individual agent.

Edgetier - coach
EdgeTier Assist

Reduce agent handling time with AI assisted chat and email handling

Give your team the tools they need to provide faster, personalised and targeted responses. Agents receive guidance tailored to your business, empowering them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

EdgeTier creates better agent responses

Customer Focused Leaders Trust EdgeTier

See how customer-centric teams use EdgeTier AI to unlock their customer reality, drive retention, and improve their customer experience.
Abercrombie & Fitch
Nick Brazitis
Global Customer Care Manager
“The anomaly feature is a game changer for us. It’s highly accurate and has helped us identify customer issues, agent errors, and even fraud that would have taken us longer to catch.”
Codere Online COO
Deborah Guivisdalsky
"We are now able to react to issues faster than before, while also finding hidden issues that may have gone unnoticed for days."
James Waghorn
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler."

Go Realtime

EdgeTier AI Engine works in real time, pulling messages as they are sent & received, processing through our AI systems, and pushing data and alerts where they need to go instantly. This isn’t just fast… this is real time.

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Lightning fast, real-time messaging

Play Nicely with Others

Pull and push data with your existing software stack so your existing business processes still work, just better. EdgeTier is ready with integrations to all major players such as Salesforce, Live Person, Zendesk, Kustomer etc. as well as a simple API to connect to in-house system.

Go live in less than 2 hours, with zero IT time required from your team.

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Integrate your favourite CRM

Jet Setter

Stop copy-pasting into Google Translate. EdgeTier AI works across all languages, time zones, and cultures. Index, search, and quantify issues across every market you work in with ease...

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Language translation on the fly with EdgeTier AI software
EdgeTier can go live in 2 hours with zero IT time required. The product integrates with almost every major contact centre software provider.
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