edgeTier for CHAT

Empower your agents to deliver quality service, at scale, on the channels that customers are demanding.

Turbo charge the efficiency of your customer chat support

Not just Another Chat Product

Reduce your contact centre costs by up to 20% with an intelligent chat product that works collaboratively with your agents..

edgetier can translate chat messages between agents easily

Deliver 24/7 MultiLingual Support

Stop missing chats when you don't have native speakers available! With real-time translation, seamlessly serve more than 100 languages with a single advisor on chat.

customers will abandon chats within one minute if not answered - reduce this now!

Reduce Abandonment Rate

50% of customers will abandon a chat if left waiting for more than a minute. Reduce your abandonment rates with shorter queues, intelligent routing, personalised deflection, and turbo-charged agents.

increase up sell for customer service chat agents

Improve Sales Performance

Are there sales opportunities hiding in your chat interactions? Ensure that every advisor is presenting the best offer at the right time with customer specific proposed cross-sell messages.

The best parts of great customer service are the most human parts.


EdgeTier chat functionality is built for the modern enterprise-level contact centre. EdgeTier has native support for multiple brands, advanced routing, integration with CRMs, and provides machine-learning powered agent assistant functionality.

image of real time chat interface with suggested messages and agent auto assist for customer service

Intelligent Agent Assistance

Decimate handling times and ensure a consistent tone-of-voice by presenting your advisors with real-time in-chat proposed responses. 

Proposed messages are uniquely generated based on the customer contacting, the topic of conversation, and best-practice at your contact centre.

Fine tune for customer empathy, upsell performance, and rapid responses. 

Simply review, edit, and send.

Real-Time Translation

Never have trouble staffing a corner language again. EdgeTier technology comes with support for real-time translation integrations built in. Advisors can send and receive content in the language of your customer’s choice without ever moving from English. 

EdgeTier customers can leverage the power of any online translation engine, including Google Translate, Babelfish, Microsoft Bing translate.

Staff every global language 24/7 with the same staff and real-time live translations of chat and email with EdgeTier
Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

Flexible Routing and Prioritisation

Forget first-in-first-out routing. 

Prioritise customers based on value, urgency, topic of conversation, order priority, historic transactions, time of day, or anything else you can think of. 

Reduce context switching and maintain consistent experience by ensuring the same agent answers an ongoing query.

Multiple Brands and Widgets

Present different faces to the customer. Present different templates to your agents. 

Move seamlessly between different customer-facing brands and websites, but with the same agent interface. 

Automatically apply consistent branding to surveys, chats, transcripts, and widgets.

EdgeTier includes a flexible and completely editable customer satisfaction measurement tool

Native NPS Measurement

Do your customers prefer chat over email? Do chat conversations about refunds work better than conversations about sales? 

Find out, with EdgeTier’s built-in customer survey tool, delivering instant and flexible feedback forms to customers after conversations have completed. Stop spending time merging data sets from multiple tools, and gather everything together with a single system.

Complete Data Visibility

Is your contact centre data at your fingertips? With EdgeTier, it can be.

Manage your chat performance like never before. Measure handling times, customer satisfaction, first-time resolution, abandonment rates, queue times, and anything else. Access it all with built-in reports, or connect directly to an SQL interface with your own tools: Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBI, Excel etc.


What you can’t measure, you can’t improve; EdgeTier measures everything.

data in edgetier is simple, reportable, accessible with your own tools

Comprehensive REporting

Stop wasting analyst time hunting for answers in your contact centre system. With EdgeTier, answers are always at your fingertips.

A comprehensive suite of reporting is provided across three main themes:

  • Real time reporting on what is happening every instant.
  • Historic performance reporting on previous interactions.
  • Completely customised reporting based on direct data access.
Accelerate your team

Fully Featured

Off-the-shelf solutions for chat won’t bring a contact centre to peak performance. 

Built for contact centres, with contact centres, EdgeTier has carefully chosen features that enable support and sales teams to maximise productivity while maintaining high standards. 

Advanced Routing

Forget first-in-first-out routing. Prioritise customers based on value, urgency, topic of conversation, or anything you can think of. Split advisors by language, skill, team, website, or however you please.

Seamless Integration

Integrate EdgeTier into your existing CRMs, billing systems, and internal customer data repositories. EdgeTier can sit alongside existing ticketing platforms, or act as a complete replacement.

Flexible concurrent chats

Do you need to train advisors with only one concurrent chat? Can some agents handle more simultaneous conversations than others? Maximise productivity by varying concurrent chats, user by user.

Rapid Templating

Finally put an end to the word document of templates! A complete multi-lingual, smart-templating system is built into EdgeTier, with quick-access through keywords for all advisors.

Switch from Chat to Email

Quickly shift channel for follow up information. Support doesn't need to finish when chat does. With EdgeTier, switch the conversation to email, and ensure everything is linked and recorded.

Custom AI

Your customers speak to you in your language. EdgeTier train individualised machine learning systems based on your industry and company jargon and vocabulary for unparalleled accuracy.

Intelligent Deflection

Simple chatbots will provide some answers to the easiest queries. Advanced, integrated systems can provide contextual and specific answers to advanced customer queries and dramatically increase deflection rates.

Make Chat Sensational

Grow your chat volumes without growing your costs. Provide customised care to every customer and watch customer and agent satisfaction scores soar at the same time.

See how EdgeTier can help with the channel of the future at your centre.

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