A WINDOW INTO YOUR CONTACT CENTRE. greater Wolt experience.

React to all issues across
food or merchandise

A drop in standards is never good. Whether it's food, merchandise, restaurants or grocery EdgeTier's AI finds hidden patterns in customer support interactions to pinpoint your customer issues in real-time.

Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

20+ countries,
one streamlined customer voice

Let me guess, you still rely on manual reviews to understand customer issues? EdgeTier’s AI tells you exactly what is frustrating your customers with zero-effort insight.

Contact Centre AI Managers

Automated Bolt Agent
Quality Reviews

Wasting a lot of time on agent quality assurance? EdgeTier’s AI analyses 100% of agent interactions to tell you about the areas in need of most improvement.

Turbo charge the efficiency of your customer chat support

Improve experience in all areas of your customer operations

EdgeTier detects issues in real-time, allowing you to quickly understand and quantify what’s going wrong. EdgeTier’s state of the art technology ensures you are armed with all the information needed for a speedy resolution across all of your text channels on apps (iOS and Android) or website. EdgeTier technology empowers contact centres by analysing all agent interactions a giving clear insight on where an agent is struggling or excelling.  

live Detection of all issues

Rapid alerts immediately notify you when things aren’t right. Whether it’s pick up or delivery issues, discount glitches, damages to merchandise or simply a hidden drop in standards you’ll know about it. 


EdgeTier’s AI continuously monitors every customer contact in the background so that it can tell you about the trends you need to know about in any language.

Feedback Loop

Keep CSAT scores high with  a reliable feedback loop to management with automatic alerts and reports. 

Agent Reviews

Greater agent consistency means better customer experience. EdgeTier’s AI scans all interactions to highlight areas for improvement and areas where agents are shining.


Seamless Integration

EdgeTier’s AI is designed to be rapidly integrated with any system including Intercom. Out-of-the-box integrations with major CRMs and contact centre software are available, and custom integrations to any system imaginable can be built.

Emotion Detection

Detect customer emotions in real-time. Understand what frustrates your customers, what delights them on any pick up of deliver transaction.


Why EdgeTier?

happier customers. real-time data. greater experiences. 

Chat to us about EdgeTier AI and empower Wolt’s support team to working consistently toward your customer support goals. 

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