Complex Decisions Simplified


Simulate Markets.

Make Smarter Decisions.


The EdgeTier API provides access to the EdgeTier Quad-Play Tariff Simulation engine, allowing operators to view the entire market from the perspective of their customers. Instantly know how much each customer would spend on all of your plans, and all of your competitor plans. Build spend information and revenue estimates into cross-sell and retention campaigns. Improve the relationship between you and every subscriber with tailored offers.



    EdgeTier maintain market information for all of the tariff and add-on combinations on the market, ensuring that your view of customer options is consistently accurate and current.

    The API is available for deployment using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud system, or deployment in-house on virtualised systems. The system is scalable to millions of subscribers. 


    With the EdgeTier API, you can assess the market options available to your customers, and also the revenue impact of moving those customers to different tariffs on your own network.

    • Know the revenue impact subscriber offers before making them.
    • Identify the best offers for subscribers with a high churn propensity.
    • Simulate a market across all services, up to and including quad-play.
    • Know what competitor offers you need to beat.