ServisBot Test System

Test the EdgeTier system with our sandbox.


The EdgeTier test system is set up for you to examine the full system functionality, including email, chat, and reporting.

customers with high satisfaction holding stars representing high nps

Backend Access

Sign into the system at, using usernames and password as provided

email on phone - email is still a convenient method of contact for customer service teams.

Chat And Email Access

For chat, once you have signed in as an agent or team lead and you have enabled chat to mark yourself available, the widget will appear on this page after 30 seconds.

clock image to represent time saving for email customer service with automation.

AI system

A very simple set of AI functionality has been enabled on the sandbox for 3 topics. These topics will trigger automated deflection in chat and suggested messages in emails. Trigger them using queries such as:

- "I'd like to cancel my account"
- "I would like to change my address"
- "I'm having trouble understanding my bills"

Let your Humans be Human, Let your Computers Compute

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