Customer Intelligence ai. greater OPAP experience.

Total visibility
to all issues

Whether its iGaming or Sportbook EdgeTier alerts you about all issues and hidden trends by scanning every customer email and chat around the clock, in all of Betconstructs jurisdictions.

Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

live insights for
great experiences

Finding actionable insights should be easy. EdgeTier transforms issues into great experiences as our Live Chat plugin tool brings real-time customer data to you.

Contact Centre AI Managers

Automated Agent
Quality Reviews

Empower the Bolt help centre with EdgeTier QA feature.
AI examines every customer interaction to assess agent quality, performance to figure out where they need help.

transform customer issues into great experiences

EdgeTier AI unlocks the potential of customer data. Our AI detects issues in real-time, allowing you to quickly understand and quantify what’s going wrong so that you are armed with all the information needed for a speedy resolution across email, chat and social. 

live issue Detection

EdgeTier AI alerts when things aren’t right. Use the anomaly reports to get to the bottom of issues and keep customers satisfied.

GREATER intelligence

Leverage customer data to drive better business decisions and outcomes for customers.

Feedback Loop

Keep CSAT scores high with  a reliable feedback loop to management with automatic alerts and reports.. 

Agent Reviews

Greater agent consistency means better customer experience. EdgeTier  reviews all agent interactions. Understand agent performance in relation to other agents and target specific areas for improvement. 


zendesk plugin

Wave goodbye to grunt work as our technology plugs into the OPAP customer support system quickly and seamlessly.

Emotion Detection

Detect customer emotions in real-time. Understand what frustrates your customers, what delights them, and when your agents are doing a great job.

happier customers. better data. greater experiences. 

It’s understandable to struggle to monitor every conversation, issues and metric. EdgeTier AI will ensure you are always there for your customers right when things go wrong. Our AI learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you. 

Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data. Let insights find you. 

alerting for the OPAP contact centre

Stop finding out about problems after they have happened. Let EdgeTier’s AI bring solutions to you in real-time so you can react fast and understand your customers better.

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