Marketplaces are the most complex environment for customer-support and sales teams. 

EdgeTier’s technology is built from the ground up to allow marketplace support teams thrive over chat and email support. 

See how efficient and knowledgeable your team can be using EdgeTier.

edgetier delivers efficiency in marketplace and retail customer contact centres
"We operate in a multilingual marketplace environment, managing complex queries from multiple parties. EdgeTier's technology allows us to simplify our processes significantly and to deliver high-quality customer care at scale.
Pete Rowan
Executive Vice President, Yapstone

Efficiency and Automation for Marketplace Customer Service

Deliver best-in-class customer support to your customers and suppliers. Leverage AI and automation to ensure that every request is resolve efficiently and optimally.

EdgeTier can track customer queries across multiple participants and parties

Multi-Conversation Queries

No more splitting and merging tickets! EdgeTier tracks queries between multiple parties such as customers, suppliers, and your customer service team.

EdgeTier automatically links conversations together, routes queries to the best agents, and prioritises the workload, so that your team always runs at optimal efficiency, even when queries involve multiple parties.

EdgeTier can scan customer conversations as well as contact centre KPIS

Marketplace Data and Reporting

Struggling to make sense of the true performance of your team? Hard to understand team, customer and supplier metrics individually? Is your reporting really built for marketplaces?

EdgeTier provides clear reporting and allows detailed analysis of all activities in your marketplace that goes far beyond what generic off-the-shelf customer service products can deliver.

Agent Assistance

Agent Assistance

Marketplaces are hard on your support and sales agents. EdgeTier’s agent-assist technology retrieves relevant information on behalf of your agents, and then drafts optimal responses for your team, knowing when to bring suppliers and other parties into the conversation.

This typically results in 25%-50% reductions in handling times with increases in quality of response and customer satisfaction scores.

Customer service Marketplace Case Study

CarTrawler Customer Care

CarTrawler operate in a complex, fast-paced, multi-lingual marketplace environment, working between end-users and car-rental partners across the globe. 

Advisors liaise between customers and suppliers across many channels, often with complex processes to follow.

With EdgeTier, CarTrawler improved efficiency and data visibility over multiple contact centre sites, dozens of branded partner sites, 3 communication channels, and over 20 different languages. 

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Customer NPS Score Improvement
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Email Handling Time Reduction
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Chat Handling Time Reduction
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Additional Cross Sales
"EdgeTier is no ordinary software product ... It has completely changed how we work at CarTrawler."
james waghorn head of customer operations cartrawler profile photo
James Waghorn
Director of Customer Contact, CarTrawler
EdgeTier applies artificial intelligence systems to market place customer care teams.

Marketplace Specific Features

Marketplaces are hard. That’s why you need specific technology to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction scores at your customer contact centre. 

EdgeTier has specifically designed our features to cater for marketplace challenges:

Ticket Management

No more splitting and merging tickets. Yaye! EdgeTier automatically links multi-party conversations together to simplify processes and improve ticket handling efficiency.

Routing and Prioritisation

Need to be sure to respond quickly when a supplier gets back to you? Need to prioritise queries about specific suppliers or from certain customer types? No problem with EdgeTier’s uber-flexible routing and prioritisation.


EdgeTier’s AI learns about your customer queries and suggests best-practice responses for your advisors as they are handling the query. EdgeTier automatically seeks and presents relevant data to advisors as they handle queries. Agents are already 70% of the way through handling the query before they begin.


Marketplaces are sensitive to uncontrolled external events, leading to spikes in contact and long queues. WatchTower monitors all conversations and alerts you in real-time of new issues that are arising with your customers. React faster and be more informed.

Marketplace Automation

Marketplaces have complex processes to follow. Automate these processes, remove manual effort, and reduce costs using EdgeTier’s automation engine.


Meaningful real-time dashboards that fully understand the marketplace environment. Unparalleled historic reporting that goes far beyond what off-the-shelf software can offer.

Make your Marketplace Magnificent

Reduce average handling times, improve customer experience scores, and improve sales performance in your marketplace customer care centre. Talk to EdgeTier.

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