Travel is complex. It’s difficult to stay ahead of every external event. Let EdgeTier’s AI decide what’s important. So you can stop watching dashboards. 



Customer service in travel has high volumes and is ready for customer service automation

how alerting can help your travel contact centre

 Stop finding out about problems after they have happened. Let EdgeTier’s AI bring solutions to you in real time. 

Simple and out of the box translation services enable rapid expansion into markets and languages.

seamless integration

Out of the Box AI that plugs into your existing software quickly.

EdgeTier technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with your existing system, like Zendesk, Salesforce, SAP, CISCO, MySQL, AVAYA and more.

Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

let insights find you

Let our AI bring the data to you.
Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data.

Our AI learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you with a quick email alert notification.

Stop worrying about per agent prices and fluctuating staff

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve CSAT score with EdgeTier's intelligent alerting.

Our AI allows you to react to issues faster, communicate with agents and ensure trending customer issues are dealt with effectively.

Travel customers contact about refunds, amendements, cancellations, payment issues and others
Travel alert Types

Where EdgeTier Works in Travel​

Where we’ve seen EdgeTier’s agent alerts and AI technology excel in travel and hospitality contact centres

holiday season surge

Keep CSAT levels high during busy seasons with anomaly detection on events affecting customer experience as soon as they start.


An influx of cancellations can cause a drop in CSAT scores.  Edgetier’s AI monitors customer conversations for any recent spikes or unusual trends. 


Agent Availaibity

AI monitors your KPIs and conversations and alerts you quickly when anomalies occur. Ensuring teams are getting to all customer engagements in a timely way. 

Better Customer Experience

Fix service issues for your customers and users faster with immediate alerts of abnormal customer conversations, trending topics, and missing SLAs. 


booking modifications

Anomaly detection can alert you of a pattern of booking modifications and give you the data to get to the bottom of any unusual customer behaviour quickly. 


Improve CSAT and upsell metrics by monitoring any anomalies in your travel contact centres up-sales process and how those upsells are being delivered to customers.

alerting FOR travel contact centrES

Edgetier's AI monitors your centre so you can react faster, and rest easier

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