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Enhancing customer service performance with AI – Interview

Bart, CTO at EdgeTier, gave an interview with Eline Chivot from the Center for Data Innovation recently, discussing how artificial intelligence can enhance human-centric customer service through better personalisation, faster responses, and greater accuracy.

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Agent Assist
Bart Lehane

Why bother assisting agents in customer service?

The role of a customer support agent What does it mean these days to be a customer support agent? It is a role that is challenging to do well, and can be disastrous for your company when done poorly. Common perception would have you believe that customer care agents spend hour after hour processing the

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Agent Assist
Bart Lehane

Play to your Strengths: The Changing Role of the Customer Service Agent.

The world and their mother seem to be talking about AI. If the hype is to be believed, AI is going to transform every industry in the world in the next few years. It seems like the next time you visit the butcher you will be presented with an AI enabled pork-chop selector (in fact,

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people important in customer service
Bart Lehane

The Value of People in Customer Service Organisations

A Customer Care Tradition One of the nicer traditions I have come across in recent times was explained to me by the Head of Customer Service in a leading health insurance provider. Each week, members of his customer care team are given a number of greeting cards. These cards are left blank so that the

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