Understand Customer Issues in Real-Time and Clearly Understand Sources of Frustration 

  • 24/7 contact centre AI monitoring and alerting: EdgeTier’s AI will scan all conversations across millions of US sports fans. Our technology pinpoints and quantifies customer problems while alerting you as they happen. 

  • Simple Integration: Our plugin technology gets to work quickly meaning no IT work for you.
  • Deeply understand your customers: EdgeTier AI will detect issues in player language and detect customer emotion. This includes language associated with at-risk gamers and hidden trends that damage CX. EdgeTier technology provides real-time insights to analyse agent performance while isolating moments of customer frustration and joy.

BUILD AN UNRIVALLED BETTING EXPERIENCE WITH Contact Centre monitoring and alerting AI


Our AI is the perfect solution to drive Hard Rock Digital’s customer experience, stay on top of customer issues, and understand customer emotion in real time.

ai plugs into your Zendesk software

Our AI easily plugs into your existing Zendesk software and you will be receiving insights in hours.

Stop finding out about problems after they have happened. Let EdgeTier’s AI bring solutions to you in real time. 


seamless integration

Out of the Box AI that plugs into your existing software quickly.

EdgeTier technology is designed to be rapidly integrated with your Zendesk system, but can also integrate with any other system like Salesforce, Kustomer, SAP, CISCO, MySQL, AVAYA and more.

Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

let insights find you

Let our AI bring the data to you.
Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data.

Our AI learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you with a quick email alert notification. Alerts pinpoint the source of the issue across all of your brands and languages.

Stop worrying about per agent prices and fluctuating staff

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve CSAT score with EdgeTier's intelligent alerting.

Our AI allows you to react to issues faster, find hidden customer frustrations and ensure trending customer issues are dealt with effectively. We also allow you to pinpoint the reasons behind customer frustrations so you can improve your customer experience.

provide consistent service quality with ai

Our AI is built to make life easier for the Hard Rock Digital. EdgeTier AI will plugin and give you insights to optimise customers on any platform. EdgeTier AI will your power customer experience with real-time insights.

Players are fickle, so when issues hit your site you need to react quickly to minimise revenue loss. Our AI detects issues in real-time, allowing you to quickly understand and quantify what’s going wrong so that you are armed with all the information needed for a speedy resolution.

Where we’ve seen EdgeTier’s AI alerting excel in casino and sports betting contact centres.

early issue Detection

Get rapid alerts when things aren’t right. Use the anomaly reports to get to the bottom of issues. 

Consistent Feedback Loop

Keep CSAT scores high with  a reliable feedback loop to management with automatic alerts and reports on issues like bet disputes, cash-out issues, deposit issues. 

Missed issues

Detect even the most minor customer issues to ensure you can maintain consistently high levels of customer experience.

Emotion Detection

Detect customer emotions in real-time. Understand what frustrates your customers, what delights them, and when your agents are doing a great job.

alerting for the Hard Rock Digital contact centre

Stop finding out about problems after they have happened. Let EdgeTier’s AI bring insights to you in real-time so you can react fast and understand your customers better.

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