EdgeTier AI scans your contact center for issues and alerts you

EdgeTier watchTower

Anomaly Detection for Customer Contact Centres

You’re struggling to monitor every conversation and metric in a complex contact centre. 

WatchTower learns your contact centre patterns and automatically surfaces errors and anomalies to you. 

Stop watching dashboards and hunting for data. Let insights find you.

What is WatchTower?

WatchTower is an AI product that monitors your customer conversations and contact centre activity for unusual patterns and anomalies.

Benefits of anomaly detection

Stop watching dashboards, let AI do the worrying for you. Proactively get notified about anomalies and events effecting customer experience as soon as they start.


Better Customer Experience

WatchTower alerts you with immediate notifications of abnormal customer conversations, trending topics, and missing SLAs. Fix service issues for your customers and users faster.

edgetier improves agent performance with AI and machine learning

Peace of Mind

Checking dashboards and reports daily for anomalies? Worried about reacting too slowly to anomalies and external events?

Artificial intelligence can monitor your KPIs and conversations.

increase up sell for customer service chat agents

Root Cause Analysis

Are you losing valuable time monitoring dashboards and hunting through data for root causes?

Stop. Let WatchTower scan metrics and conversations and show you what's going wrong with only a few clicks.

We did have an outage today and the WatchTower email was the reason we found out... This also enabled me to pinpoint the time of the outage ... not only did you help notify us but you helped pin point when it went down.

WatchTower User, Customer Operations


EdgeTier has built WatchTower after real experiences with work-force management (WFM) and real-time analysis (RTA) teams at contact centres. WatchTower uses state of the art machine learning methods to monitor real-time contact centre data, detect anomalies, and produce only the most pertinent alerts for managers.

EdgeTier can scan customer conversations as well as contact centre KPIS

How it Works

WatchTower integrates with your existing contact centre management system (Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Twilio Genesys etc.) through an API. 

WatchTower’s AI engine learns what your customers talk about and how your contact centre operates so that it can inform you as soon as issues occur. Detect anomalies as they occur.

Monitor trending topics and metrics

EdgeTier WatchTower can track customer conversation topics and issues as well as all traditional contact centre metrics and customer service KPIs in real time. 

Receive alerts when queue times are off compared to volumes, agents online don’t match the demands, or there are more inbound questions about credit card payments than there should be. 

Whatever drives success at your contact centre, EdgeTier can watch.

For maximum use of artificial intelligence in contact centres integrate with your CRM and ticketing system like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk

Simple Integration

Get results and show value quickly.

WatchTower uses data from your existing contact centre systems. Simply plug in, set up the data integration, and let WatchTower do its work.

We integrate with all major contact centre providers, including Genesys, Cisco, Zendesk, LivePerson and Salesforce. Using another system? Ask us for details.

Remote Native

Has your team embraced remote working?

Are you finding it hard to get a feel for what customers are talking to agents about or what is happening ‘on the floor’?

WatchTower brings the contact centre pulse back to your fingertips, no matter where you, your advisors, or your customers are located

customer service agent working from home
Accelerate your team

Why WatchTower?

At your contact centre, what is the cost of missing an event that has a negative customer satisfaction effect?

WatchTower will give you the tools to reduce the time-to-reaction and the peace-of-mind to know your centre is safe.

Risk Free Trial

Sign up for a trial, and EdgeTier will assess historical data at your contact centre to show you what alerts you would have received over the last 12 months.

Rapid Deployment

WatchTower links quickly with all major providers and can capture your contact centre data instantly. Go from zero to AI-alerts in a day.

User control

Add as many users as you require, give alerts and reporting access to the people who need them most in your contact centre. Empower your teams to react quickly to changing scenarios.

Custom AI

Your customers speak to you in your language. EdgeTier train individualised machine learning systems based on your industry and company jargon and vocabulary for unparalleled accuracy.

Reporting SUite

Behind WatchTower, a full suite of reporting is available to help you explore and discover patterns in your data, and discover the root cause of anomalies as soon as they are detected.

See for yourself

Turn on WatchTower at your contact centre, and we'll tell you when you would have been alerted over the last 12 months.

Only sign up and pay for ongoing alerting and reporting.

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