Guarantee one-touch resolution and delight your customers with a brilliant customer experience.

edgetier delivers efficiency in marketplace and retail customer contact centres

High Quality Answers for Retail Care Teams

Deliver an omnichannel experience for customers and leverage AI to ensure that every request is dealt with quickly, efficiently, and with a personal touch.

EdgeTier integrates with backend billing, CRM, delivery, and customer systems

Fully Integrated

Are your agents spending time investigating customers, researching orders, and switching windows? You can remove this wasted effort with EdgeTier integrations.

EdgeTier fully integrates with billing and delivery systems to identify and validate customers, ensuring that advisors have up-to-date information and accurate suggested responses when working with queries.

EdgeTier can track customer queries across multiple participants and parties

Multiple Conversation Tracks

The complexity of inbound contacts often requires co-ordination of communication between customers, advisors, and external third-parties like delivery partners, suppliers, or technical support.

EdgeTier can track multiple conversations as part of a single query, routing to the best agent, informing customers when progress is made, and tying everything together for clear contact centre metrics.

EdgeTier intelligent auto response can provide individualised customised and topic-specific responses to customer emails easily

Intelligent Auto Responses

With integrated systems and full visibility of the customer journey, auto responses to customers can move from one-size-fits-all to accurate, comprehensive, and informative responses to customers.

Use intelligent auto responses to close queries straight away, deliver up-to-date tracking information, deflect to self-service portals, and ultimately, save advisor time.

Retail Enquiry Types

Where EdgeTier Works in Retail

Where we’ve seen EdgeTier’s agent assistant and AI technology excel in retail contact centres

Order Status

The journey from purchase to satisfied customer can be fraught with pitfalls, don’t let customer service be one. With EdgeTier, every advisor has best practice responses and up-to-date information at their fingertips.


Return procedures vary based on reasons, warrantee terms, and customer types. Stop agents from searching for the rules, and let AI do the research instantly.


Improve conversion and engage more customers by suggesting real-time personalised up-sell and cross-sell to agents as they speak with customers.

Payment Issues

Reduce errors and improve handling times by bringing payment history, issues, and amounts to agents before communication even starts.

Tracking Queries

Packages can get lost, make sure your customers don’t. Integration with delivery partners ensures that agents always have up-to-date proposed responses and information.


Getting the product to the customer is half the battle. Arm your advisors with the tools needed to ensure efficient and effective after-care and technical support when customers need it.

Revolutionary Retail Contact

Reduce average handling times, improve customer experience scores, and improve sales performance in your retail customer care centre. Talk to EdgeTier.

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