Complex Decisions Simplified

Customer Contact Analysis

Reduce op-ex. Enhance service.


Move beyond endless uninformative dashboards and mounds of reports to a clear set of steps that can take your contact centre to the next level. EdgeTier use a combination of advanced machine learning, natural language processing and intuitive visualisations to create clear, actionable, steps on how to minimise costs, improve customer interactions and deliver automation in the right way.


Go beyond fixed reports

Go beyond endless reports that outline frequent contact reasons to a clear list of actions to reduce costs and improve customer service levels.

EdgeTier take a holistic approach to contact centre analysis and incorporate data across all channels of customer interaction. This allows us to discover the “why” and the “who” behind frequent contact topics and deliver a clear action plan with a quantified monetary impacts.

Impacts are predicted based on existing data, and are then measured through the implementation steps.

Intelligently Selected Automation

Automated responses can, if used correctly, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction, reducing time to resolution and attendee hours for common queries. However, if done incorrectly, automated responses can frustrate customers and actually increase costs.

EdgeTier analyse customer contact data to create and implement effective strategies to automate interactions with your current and potential customers. We achieve this using advanced natural language processing and machine learning technology to ensure that the right queries are automated in the right way.


Analytics Applications

The EdgeTier team use a range of analytics and machine learning techniques that can be employed to enhance performance at contact centres. These include:

  • Predictive analytics models to model patterns in customer contact, identify anomalies in contact patterns, identify customers with suspicious behaviour patterns.
  • Data reduction and visualisation techniques to quickly analyse large volumes of data and identify targets for more detailed analytics.
  • Natural Language Processing is a technique for computers to extract meaning from written text. EdgeTier use NLP to understand and predict patterns in text-based communications.
  • Speech Analytics to encode recorded speech to text content. This encoding allows us to recognise themes to calls, monitor patterns over time, and to assess operator performance.

By taking a holistic, data-driven approach, EdgeTier consider all customer contact points including contact reasons, call durations, operator performance, call volumes, email content, webchats, social media interactions, CRM extracts, and transfer/hold times. This allows us to go beyond simple reporting and unearth clear strategies to manage contact centre costs and service levels. 

EdgeTier adapt each engagement to suit every clients requirements, taking into account the level of analytics and data maturity that they have reached. Typically, a collaborative approach is suggested with any in-house talent.