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Intelligent Agent Assistant


Arthur is the EdgeTier intelligent agent assistant system.

Arthur provides customer service agents with artificial intelligence (AI) suggestions and assistance for repetitive work, but uses human intuition for complex interactions.

Arthur results in faster time to resolution, higher-quality customer responses, increases in customer satisfaction, and increased agent performance.



    Arthur uses the latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP), recurrent neural networks, and conversational interfaces to accurately determine customer meaning from free flowing text.

    With plugins for major CRM systems, and customer implementations for internal APIs, customer responses written by Arthur follow your internal best practice, and are completely customised for each interaction.

    EdgeTier can be deployed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a cloud system, or deployment in-house on virtualised systems. The system is scalable to millions of interactions and hundreds of simultaneous customer service agents.


    With Arthur, customer service agents spend less time writing repetitive information, and searching for booking details. The required information for every customer query is presented, with a pre-written response from arthur. The agents simply approve responses, editing where necessary.

    • Over time, Arthur performance improves, learning where agents are adjusting suggested responses.
    • Customer service agents spend less time on mundane processes and queries, focusing instead on complex cases.
    • Arthur is always available, makes no spelling mistakes, and follows best practice for every response.
    • A single agent can process 5 times as many customer queries with Arthur assisting.

    Supercharge human agents with artificial intelligence



    Identify where Arthur and AI can help you

    Not every inbound query is automatable. Not every query can be hands-off.

    The EdgeTier team has extensive experience in analysis of historic customer data to identify the service topics and agent processes that are best suited for automation, and for Arthur augmentation.

    Talk to us about implementing Arthur at your contact centre now.