Arthur Agent Assistant

An intelligent agent assistant that brings contact centres to new levels of efficiency

Why Arthur?

Arthur provides customer service agents with artificial intelligence (AI) suggestions and assistance for repetitive work, but uses human intuition for complex interactions.


Through intelligent agent-assistance, Arthur produces a 4X reduction in average handling times for AI-enabled responses in live production environments.

Award Winning

The Arthur product has won numerous awards for its intelligent use of AI to transform customer support organisations.


Arthur results in faster time to resolution, higher-quality customer responses, increases in customer satisfaction, and increased agent performance.

Supercharge human agents with artificial intelligence

Let agents do what agents are best at, and let computers do what computers are best at.

Intuitive Agent Interface

Arthur streamlines and automates repetitive tasks for customer service agents, allowing them to focus on complex customer queries and higher value activities.

  • Queries are presented in a simple intuitive UI
  • Arthur writes intelligent and customer-specific responses to known topics
  • All customer details are presented to agents in a single interface
  • Automate branding, signoff, wrap-up processes, and routing
  • All previous queries linked into a single customer conversation
  • Centrally controlled multi-lingual text templates

Complete Control

In high performance customer service teams, managers need access to accurate, complete, and real-time metrics on agent performance and activity. Arthur provides complete access to all agent and customer activity.

  • Comprehensive live and historic reporting
  • Live dashboard of current queue and agent performance
  • Search and management of real-time queues and historic queries
  • Automated and manual agent-assignment options
  • Centralised management of text-templates
  • Complete access and user-management system
  • Monitoring of custom SLA and AHT metrics

Smart & Flexible Routing

Unlike plugins to existing systems, Arthur has a complete live view of your contact centre and your customers. This allows Arthur to optimally route and deflect queries as they arrive.

  • Select the right agent for each query based on the topic, the agent expertise and the customer centre capacity
  • Prioritise queries based on customer details (e.g. order value or customer profile) or the urgency of the query
  • Implement effective deflection and customer-assist approaches that address customer queries before they reach agents
  • Instantly react to changes in contact rates and agent shortages

Intelligent Automation

Behind the scenes, Arthur works to intelligently route, handle, and generate responses to customer queries without human interaction.

  • Flexible platform for client-specific routing and response logic
  • Multi-lingual capabilities for routing, templates, and message generation
  • Automated, AI-assisted, accurate query classification and labelling
  • Automated email branding for multi-brand organisations
  • Flexible integration with well known CRM systems such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle
  • Completely transparent translation functionality, any agent can speak any language.


With Arthur, customer service agents spend less time writing repetitive information, and searching for booking details. The required information for every customer query is presented, with a pre-written response from arthur. The agents simply approve responses, editing where necessary.


Arthur is always available, makes no spelling mistakes, and follows best practice for every response.


A single agent can process up to 5 times as many customer queries with Arthur assisting.


Arthur records where agents are adjusting suggested responses, allowing iterative improvements over time.


Arthur uses the latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP), recurrent neural networks, and conversational interfaces to accurately determine customer meaning from free flowing text.

Arthur can be deployed as a cloud system, or deployed on-premises. The Arthur system is scalable to millions of interactions and thousands of simultaneous customer service agents.

Can Arthur help you?

Not every inbound query is automatable. Not every customer contact can be hands-off.

The EdgeTier team has extensive experience in analysis of historic customer data to identify the service topics and agent processes that are best suited for automation, and for Arthur augmentation.

Talk to us about implementing Arthur at your contact centre now.

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