Complex Decisions Simplified




EdgeTier provide bespoke analytics services based on the intelligent application of advanced machine learning and data visualisation techniques. We make sense of large and complex data to solve real-world problems. EdgeTier work with a select number of clients to ensure that each project we work on delivers excellent results. 


Complex Decisions Simplified

EdgeTier have applied data analysis techniques across multiple domains, spanning telecommunications, energy provision, banking systems, postal operators, automotive research, video analysis, and semiconductor manufacture. We specialise in analytics that increases customer revenue and reduces Opex costs for companies with large customer bases.

Sample projects include:

  • Pricing and simulation of customer offers for increased monthly revenue
  • Customer segmentation work for tailored communication with customer types
  • Targeted reduction of operational-expenditure for customer service channels
  • Development of real-time management KPI dashboards
  • Aggregation and cleansing of large-scale datasets from disparate sources
  • BI Strategic engagements to plan a roadmap of data science projects
  • Data science team expansion and training


Poorly delivered or bloated analytics consultancy leads to unnecessary costs and sub-optimal decision making. At EdgeTier, we deliver what we define as anti-consultancy and follow the following principles:

  • Simplify complex decisions: EdgeTier strive to distill each engagement into a set of clear recommendations. Our ideal project outcome is a single sentence that will change your business, not a 100 page slide deck that won't.
  • Never bloat projects: Have you ever sat in a room with 5 consultants and wondered why 3 of them were there? EdgeTier eliminate bloat by minimising unnecessary managerial overhead and focusing on solving the most pertinent problems with the right people.
  • Don't oversell: We realise that not every project is right for us and that not every problem can be solved by our technology set or expertise. If we don't think the fit is right, we will say so. We'd rather wait to work with you on the right project than rush into working with you on the wrong project.
  • Enable rather than embed: We actively work with our customers to enable internal BI and analytics teams in the techniques and tooling we use. This is achieved through a collaborative ethos and regular knowledge sharing sessions.