Agent Quality Review

Evaluate agents across 100% of interactions using AI and transform your NPS and CSAT.

What if you could track and compare agent performance on multiple dimensions, in 100% of chat transcripts, email bodies, and call recordings? Rely less on chance selection, and focus on specific areas for improvement, personalised to each agent.


We’ve spent hundreds of hours working with contact centre managers to bring you EdgeTier Agent Review. This state of the art AI product improves CSAT and NPS by evaluating aspects of every customer interaction

Benefits of AI Quality Assessment

Based on your headaches we’ve developed a state of the art system to enable you to drive the right agent behaviours. Here’s how:

EdgeTier can scan customer conversations as well as contact centre KPIS


Move from making guesses based on partial information. EdgeTier's enhanced agent review provides automated quality assurance on 100% of your customer conversations.

edgetier improves agent performance with AI and machine learning


Effectively train staff, by clearly separating low performers from high ones. Understand performance in relation to other agents or teams.

increase up sell for customer service chat agents

Increase Agent Consistency

Ensure every agent is on the same level of performance. EdgeTier technology monitors for offensive phrases, compliance to company policy, tone of voice and more


understand CUSTOMERS emotion
to improve experience

Tie average customer sentiment to customer service agent, and compare agents along dimensions such as frustration or praise from customers



Identify brand tone, banned statements, and problematic language from agents in any language.

EdgeTier integrates with backend billing, CRM, delivery, and customer systems

We do the hard work
for your technical team

We integrate with all major contact centre providers, including Genesys, Cisco, Zendesk, LivePerson and Salesforce. Using another system? Ask us for details.

Accelerate your contact centre


Contact centres use EdgeTier’s AI to scale and automate quality assessment on 100% of customer conversations.

Move from Spot-Checks to include all agent interactions. Understand agent performance in relation to other agents and target specific areas for improvement.

Risk Free Trial

Sign up for a trial, and EdgeTier will assess historical data at your contact centre to show you the opportunities for quality improvement you have missed.

Rapid Deployment

Edgetier Alerts links quickly with all major providers and can capture your contact centre data instantly. Go from zero to AI-alerts in a day.

unlimited users

Add as many users as you require, give alerts and reporting access to the people who need them most in your contact centre. Empower your teams to react quickly to changing scenarios.

Custom AI

Your customers speak to you in your language. EdgeTier train individualised machine learning systems based on your industry and company jargon and vocabulary for unparalleled accuracy.

Reporting SUite

EdgeTier provides a full suite of reporting functionality, to help you explore and discover hidden patterns in your data. Helping you to identify the root cause of anomalies as soon as they are detected

See for yourself

Demo EdgeTier Agent Review at your contact centre, and we'll tell you when you would have been alerted over the last 12 months.

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