edgeTier for Email

Delight your customers with unheard-of email response times, outstanding first-time resolution, and advanced email autoresponses.

edgetier can rapidly decrease handling time for emails

Make Email One of Your Top Performing Channels

Move away from dysfunctional queues, manual reporting systems, and simplistic email routing

customers with high satisfaction holding stars representing high nps

Satisfied Customers

Watch NPS soar with reduced email response times, personal and topic-specific auto-responses, and advanced prioritisation, ensuring customers feel they get the white-glove treatment.

email on phone - email is still a convenient method of contact for customer service teams.

Improved First-Time Resolution

Ensure best practice and reduce time-to-resolution by guiding advisors through each email response with pre-written, customised, and topic-specific suggested responses.

clock image to represent time saving for email customer service with automation.

Do More, With Less

Get through more queries in less time by removing manual ticket picking, reporting, wrap up processes, and time spent searching for customer information.

Let your Humans be Human, Let your Computers Compute

How Does it work?

EdgeTier injects intelligence into your contact centre, from receipt to resolution of customer queries.

Emails arrive

EdgeTier quickly integrates with existing email providers, ingesting emails as soon as they arrive. Plug in directly to email systems such as Microsoft Exchange or Gmail, or to email ticketing software systems like Zendesk, Salesforce, or FreshDesk.

integrate and read emails from different sources depending on your contact centre - genesys emails salesforce zendesk google microsoft exchange


Custom-built machine learning models are used to understand the customer intentions from your emails. Additional context is gathered from your internal CRM or APIs to enrich decision making.

AI classifies customer tickets into the correct buckets

Priority is Determined

Newly parsed emails are prioritised and routed to the best qualified agent. Email routing is completely flexible, route on customer value, agent languages, email topic, who the last responder was, or any other data available.

Get the right ticket and email to the right agents based on advanced routing methods and rules

pre-written responses are Generated

The EdgeTier system follows best-practice in your contact centre to generate a completely individualised response for the customer. Responses go far beyond template suggestions, mimicking advisors decisions around the topics being handled.

save time and improve efficiency with pre written customised responses to customers

AdVisors are called in

On presentation to agents, all of the hard work is done. The agents role is one of reviewing inbound mails and customising suggested responses. All pertinent information and historical context is surfaced, reducing the need for error-prone window switching.

edgetier improves agent performance with AI and machine learning
Accelerate your team

Key Features

Don’t let your tools hold you back from an excellent email customer experience. EdgeTier has fine-tuned email automation tools to make keeping up with a complex inbox a doddle for advisors.

Behind the scenes, a comprehensive store of all customer interactions and advisor performance data is kept ready for real-time, historic, and custom reporting.

Advanced Routing

Forget first-in-first-out email routing. Prioritise customers based on value, urgency, topic of conversation, or anything you can think of.

Intelligent EMAIL Agent AssistANT

Trim 80% off your handling time by presenting your advisors with a customised proposed response based on the customer contacting, their account information, and the topic of conversation. Simply review, edit, and send.

Built-In Feedback Measurement

EdgeTier includes customer satisfaction surveys for email. Customise your feedback form and automatically measure NPS and CSAT, natively included in all reporting.

Multi-conversation Tracking

Handle multiple related conversations with ease. Track, route, and prioritise based on whether you’re emailing suppliers, partners, internal addresses, or customers.

Custom AI

Your customers speak to you in your language. EdgeTier train individualised machine learning systems based on your industry and company jargon and vocabulary for unparalleled accuracy.

Intelligent Email Auto-Response

Intelligent Email Automation allows you to stand out from the crowd with an individualised and topical auto response. Vary each customer’s email autoresponse with their account information, data on their query, and potentially redirect to internal self-service applications.

Seamless Integration

Integrate EdgeTier's email automation tool into your existing CRMs, billing systems, and internal customer data repositories. EdgeTier can sit alongside existing email ticketing software, or act as a complete replacement.

Completely MultiLingual

Reduce the need for multilingual staff to communicate with your customers. Let any team member handle any language and achieve frictionless conversations with real-time translations in 100+ languages.​

Exceptional Email Performance

Reduce average handling times for email by up to 80%, while improving customer experience scores. Talk to EdgeTier Today.

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